Cookie Policy

Last Updated: 15 January, 2020

About Cookies and this Policy

An internet cookie ("Cookie") is a small piece of data that is stored on the User’s computer by the User’s web browser. It allows W3 Snoop ("Service" or "") to maintain a session while you navigate through different pages on the website.

This Cookie Policy describes how the Service and third parties it includes or embeds, use cookies and what data those cookies may contain/collect.

Cookie Use and Information Collected

The Service uses the following kinds of cookies:

  • Essential Functionality Cookies: These cookies are required for the Service to operate, including account features such as logging users into their account, user preferences while browsing and protection against cross-site request forgery/malicious users.
  • Analytics/Performance Cookies: These cookies allow us to track usage activity in order improve and manage the Service. For example, by knowing which pages are visited the most often we can aim to deliver more desired content.

The Service includes, on some pages, services from third parties who collect information. These include:

  • Google Analytics: Enables the collection and analysis of site traffic and performance. You can learn more here: Google Privacy Policy

Additionally, the Service may include other third party services. Please contact us if you believe we are missing any information about third parties.

How to Restrict Cookies

You may block all cookies from some or all websites, including the Service, by checking your web browser for any related settings that allow you to refuse cookies, however, some aspects or features of the Service may be made inaccessible to you, or may not function correctly.

Additionally, you may adjust your settings relating to our use of non-essential cookies on this page (a message should appear on the top of the screen).

Questions, Complaints and Further Information

If you have any questions, complaints or require further information, please contact us.