What is W3 Snoop?

W3 Snoop is your free digital private eye for the world wide web, enabling you to spy on any website or domain and reveal valuable insights, estimations and statistics, all with a simple search!

If you're considering making your own site, buying a domain or an existing site, or are simply trying to find out who owns a particular domain or site, our free comprehensive reports could prove useful to you. In fact, W3 Snoop can help you:

  • Spy on your competition
  • Make better business decisions through our comprehensive reports
  • Analyse any site's potential daily, monthly and yearly visits and revenue
  • Estimate the worth of any website or domain
  • Preview sites and check the safety of sites before visiting them
  • Check the number of backlinks and top-ranking keywords sites have
  • Detect problems and make improvements to any site's SEO with Google's PageSpeed Insights
  • See any site's IP address and hosting location
  • See who owns a site or domain name, including domain registration information with full Whois Lookups
  • See any site's domain name server records, including full DNS Lookups
  • View related sites, sites hosted on the same IP address and competing sites
  • Enjoy a free infographic of any site, completely free to use on any site, blog, forum or in documents and presentations.

W3 Snoop strives to provide additional data over time and this will be reflected in our reports and upcoming digital tools.

Is W3 Snoop safe?

Absolutely! W3 Snoop first launched in 2011 and has since provided free reports to millions of users - all of our reports are completely free and safe. In fact, W3 Snoop can help you check the safety of other sites by checking the Visitor Safety information included in our reports before visiting those sites for the first time.

How do I view a report?

W3 Snoop's URLs were designed to make it really easy to view a report – just type a domain followed by .w3snoop.com in your web browser to quickly visit the report (for example, google.com.w3snoop.com). Alternatively, type in any domain name in the search box at the top of the page and hit Snoop! This will update reports automatically and redirect you when they are ready.

Where can I find W3 Snoop's contact information?

If you have any questions, complaints or require further information, please contact us through our contact e-mail address specified at https://w3snoop.com/contact